Top Four Reasons Why Women Should Never Breastfeed In Public, Explained By Kristina Kuzmic [Video]

Kristina Kuzmic’s YouTube video entitled “4 Reasons Women Should NEVER Breastfeed in Public” is a viral hit, and for good reason. With her faux disgust, she has moms across the nation laughing so hard, they couldn’t resist sharing it with all of their pals on social media.

Kristina Kuzmic was born and raised in Croatia. She moved to the U.S. at 14-years-old, according to her website. Kuzmic is a passionate cook, and an excellent entertainer. She was awarded her own cooking show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, but currently, she is gathering attention for her facetiously condemning public breastfeeding “Public Service Announcement.”

First and foremost, Kristina explains in the hilarious video that “breastfeeding in public is offensive.”

“We don’t live in a society where its OK to just show part of your breasts or cleavage in public,” Kuzmic mocks, while the video depicts a woman walking down a sidewalk with a low cut shirt while shielding her young daughter’s eyes from a nursing mother.

Babies who push nursing covers off while eating are just spoiled brats, Kuzmic toys, mocking the suggestion to “just use a cover” that many people suggest to nursing moms. Inquisitr featured a story about a business owner who wrote a post to Facebook stating that the restaurant fully supports breastfeeding, but does not approve of women who want to “bare it all while feeding their” babies. Before learning that his suggestion was illegal, the owner of that restaurant said that patrons would be asked to cover themselves for decency.

Next, Kristina addressed the shaming women endure by other women who suggest that public breastfeeding is an attempt to draw the attention of other women’s husbands.

“Women who breastfeed in public aren’t doing it because their baby’s actually hungry,” she scoffs. “No! They’re just trying to seduce your husbands… with their milk-filled, leaking, engorged breasts… Sluts.”

Lastly, Kristina Kuzmic sarcastically points out, “We’re moms. We don’t need to go out in public. We gave up that right when we started popping out babies.”

Kristina Kuzmic nails it with her amazing expressions and witty charm, and this video is a must-watch for all moms who have ever exercised their right to breastfeed in public.

[Photo via YouTube]