Google Translate Makes Improvements To Recognize Street Slang And Humanize Translation Globally

Google Translate has been working overtime to ensure a more viable solution for language translation worldwide. Essentially, they have worked with a group of volunteers to make improvements by translating common phrases used by people around the world on a regular basis.

Many users that utilize the Google Translate language translation tool find that it is quite convenient when translating documents, web pages, and other online material. According to Octa Finance, Google is currently working on prolific updates that will allow the service to humanize the translation experience by having the capabilities to translate everyday slang as well as documents and general language translation.

Google has a community of hundreds of thousands of users that provide their time for free to make the translate community better for all that use the service. These community users have spent their time working to update translation to help the ease of human communication by helping it to recognize common slang words and phrases used globally.

Previously, when using Google Translate to convert languages, the service would produce content that looked a bit odd when translated as it failed to implement different slang terms with a translation that made absolute sense during conversion to a different language. Now, the service is able to produce a better translation that users will find beneficial and less time consuming when attempting to translate content to or from others.

According to Google, they translate more than 100 billion words daily around the world. The company says that people will now find a better service when they use Google Translate to convert informal language.

Google talked about it on their website.

“However, in the past, our translation systems have generally been better at making sense of government and business documents than in helping people casually communicate.”

Google is well-known globally for services such as Google Street View, Google Docs, Google Plus, and others. By implementing new language to the Google Translate service, Google will be able to entice new users to use the service to communicate better with people around the world.

Many people currently use Google Translate, and this upgrade to the service will ease the language barriers and simplify slang globally. There are a great number of people that use translation daily when ordering from restaurants, getting directions or reading signs when traveling abroad.

Earlier this year, Google updated its service on Apple IOS to better support voice translation with real time capabilities. The new Apple IOS tool allows users to receive a real time written text of the conversation on their phone screen. They also upgraded their Word Lens service to allow users to snap pics and translate signs and other pictures that have words on them.

Humanizing Google Translate and making it possible to translate speech in a more natural tone can help drive more people to Google and may possibly garner the company a new advantage by upgrading the service for global users.

[Photo Credit: Jonathan Rolande]