‘Friends’ Reunion May Finally Happen: ‘Friends’ Fans Rejoice!

Friends reunion is a possibility that makes fans of the beloved TV show drool in excitement. And it could finally be on the cards.

forever wishing for a complete ‘FRIENDS reunion’ 😩 pic.twitter.com/tKGIm04ies

— Common White Girl (@girlposts) June 20, 2015

However, this Friends reunion might not take place on a TV set, but at a wedding. Yes, Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller on Friends is soon going to tie the knot with singer Johnny McDaid, and if rumors are to be believed, all of her co-stars from Friends could be present at her wedding.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight Canada, when asked if a Friends reunion was likely, Cox left the possibility open and seemed excited by the idea of all of her Friends co-stars joining her to celebrate her wedding.

“I mean, I really have no idea… It’d be nice!”

But while Cox’s wedding might still be some way off, at least two of her co-stars, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow, had a mini-Friends reunion recently. As Closer Weekly reported, Lisa Kudrow was in attendance at a Beverly Hills gala to present Perry with the 2015 Phoenix Rising Award.

Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry have remained good friends ever since Friends ended in 2004, with Perry even appearing on Kudrow’s Showtime series, Web Therapy.

And though mini-Friends reunions and wedding get-togethers might go some way in whetting our Friends reunion appetites, it seems highly unlikely that the six friends will get together for an actual show again. As Entertainment Weekly reported, the co-creator of Friends, Marta Kauffman, quashed any rumors that a Friends reunion was in the offing.

Friends is about that time in your life when your friends are your family. Once you start having a family, that changes. And you have new groups. It’s not that you don’t love those people anymore, but it changes. But to put them back together now when it’s no longer that time of their lives, there’s no reason for the show. That’s all the show was about — that time and those relationships.”

Harsh, but true. Kauffman said she sympathizes with fans who are longing for a Friends reunion show, but it is more of a pipedream than an actual prospect.

“Someone asks me every day [about a reunion]. I don’t get upset. I understand that people want to relive that. But you can’t relive that. We can’t go back to that time in our lives. And I’d rather have people’s memory of that be really wonderful than people going, ‘Oh, he doesn’t look good’. That would be bad.”

But every cloud has a silver lining. If there is not much likelihood of a real Friends reunion, we can at least have a fake one. Saturday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she gave her fans a sneak peek into her new material which draws on Friends. She impersonated all six members of the Friends sextet, paying particular attention to Rachel’s bit in the act, which had the studio audience in stitches.

Until our dreams of an actual Friends reunion are realized, we may have to make do with a make-believe one.

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