Aguilera Snubs Bieber On ‘The Voice’ [Video]

Christina Aguilera isn’t a fan of Justin Bieber. Well, at least that’s the way it seems after their uncomfortable interaction on “The Voice” last night.

The “Boyfriend” singer was a guest on “The Voice” last night, and when he went to say his goodbyes to the judge’s panel things were a little awkward with Aguilera.

Aguilera reached out for a handshake when Bieber approached but the Biebs leaned in for a hug and a kiss. The little awkward moment had several fans of “The Voice” tweeting that Aguilera dissed the Biebs on national TV.

One user wrote:

“And that was Christina Aguilera overtly hating on Justin Bieber. #TheVoice”

Another user added:

“Flipped to The Voice for a second & Justin Beiber was on. It sure seemed like Christina Aguilera despises him. + bonus points to Bieber LOL.”

Reality TV Magazine, however, said that Aguilera’s anger was perfectly justified. The moment with Bieber came just shortly after Aguilera had to eliminate a member of her team. Aguilera was upset and it didn’t look like she was in the mood for kisses and hugs from anyone. (You can watch the video below and judge for yourself.)

The Hollywood Life also said that the moment was overblown. After the show, Aguilera told the celebrity website that Bieber was a “fun” and “charismatic” guy. Aguilera said:

“You know, he’s definitely popular with the ladies and he came on the show tonight and it was a fun burst of energy. he is really a charismatic guy and cute.”

Here’s the video. Do you think Christina Aguilera is a fan of Justin Bieber?