If Religion Were A Contest The Philippines Would Be Winning [Study]

If we were to hold a competition today in order to determine which countries citizens were the most religious in terms of believing in God the Philippines would rule supreme. That’s because a recent study found that a vast majority of the countries people believe in god, 94% of the Phillipines citizens to be exact.

The study conducted at the University of Chicago focused on 30 of the world’s largest countries while researchers noted that almost all nations in the study had Christian majorities. The study is certainly not all inclusive but it sheds some interesting light on some of the world’s largest countries.

The study found that countries considered to be predominantly Catholic had the biggest belief in god with one major exception; the US was in third place with an 84% belief rate compared to Chile which ranked second with an 88% effective belief rate in God.

In the meantime citizens of the Soviet states, perhaps because of years entrenched in poverty had the lowest belief rates in god with East German sitting at just 13% and the Czech Republic only slighting higher at 20%.

The study also found that religion in general seems to be losing its appeal for younger generations as researchers discovered that only 23% of study participants under the age of 27 believe in God.

To determine the true reach of religious beliefs researchers would of course need to examine all countries around the world but in terms of large countries the study shows that people believe in god, as long as they’re a bit older and predominately Catholic in most cases.