LA Lakers Rumors: Landing DeAndre Jordan Not Out Yet, Interest Shown In Carlos Boozer And Jeremy Lin

The LA Lakers are not making a big splash in 2015 NBA free agency so far, and in reality, they’ve barely even made a ripple. They have had visits with some big names such as LaMarcus Aldridge, but that didn’t go so well. Some have said the same about the visit with DeAndre Jordan, but it appears as if those initial rumors are inaccurate.

Lakers Nation reported that the visit with free agent big man DeAndre Jordan was “somewhat underwhelming,” and didn’t go as many had hoped it would.

That “whirlwind” may be exactly what the problem was. Sports Illustrated reported that the presentation from the Lakers to Jordan was professional and that everyone was just exhausted. There was a late start to their meeting, and both the Lakers and Jordan had long days leading up to it that may have affected everyone’s demeanor.

Jordan has also met with the Dallas Mavericks and is drawing interest from a number of teams in free agency. Early reports state that the Mavs have interest in LaMarcus Aldridge, as well, and if they can’t sign him, they want Jordan.

With some speed bumps in free agency so far, the Lakers are looking at re-signing their own players to keep them around. Most notably on the list are Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin, who played some big roles with the team last season.

The Los Angeles Daily News has reported that Lin is just one of a number of Lakers that are getting calls to return.

The Lakers expressed interest in retaining Lin after free agency began on Tuesday night, according to a league source familiar with the situation. Lin also fielded interest from several teams, including Dallas, Memphis, Indiana, Chicago, San Antonio and the Clippers, according to a league source.

Carlos Boozer also has a number of other teams that are interested in his services, and it could make things difficult for the Lakers to bring him back. Brooklyn, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and San Antonio have all expressed interest and could make a big play for him.

Things have been really rocky for the LA Lakers in 2015 NBA free agency so far, and they have to be concerned about how things are going. Rumors state that things may not be all that bad, but unless action is taken soon, they may miss out.

[Image via Getty Images / Rocky Widner]