‘Young And Restless’ Teasers: Suspicions Are Raised And Announcements Are Made [Spoilers]

This has been a wild week on The Young and the Restless, and the chaos will continue into Thursday’s episode. Victor shot Jack and Marco is missing, but secrets are on the brink of being revealed. What Young and Restless spoilers are available for the July 2 episode?

Victor tried to cover up what happened with the shooting, but details are coming out. She Knows Soaps shares that Nick will push his father for an explanation about what happened. The Young and the Restless spoilers detail that Victor will stand up against Nick, but Nick says that he’s ready to walk away from his father once and for all.

Kevin will fill Paul in on the strange surveillance footage from the night of the shooting that shows Jack walking by twice. Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Paul will learn that the gun found in the safe hadn’t been shot recently. Though both Paul and Kevin question the footage, they don’t piece things together quite yet.

In addition, Kevin will talk with Mariah about feeling that Jack’s shooting may be tied to Courtney and Austin’s death. Apparently, he will ponder the idea that either Jack killed Austin and Courtney, or that Jack may have come up against the killer in the park. As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, Mariah seems to agree that the footage does lend itself to tying it all together.

Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Phyllis will wonder if Gabe is linked to Victor and the shooting and Ashley will point out that the DNA testing to link Gabe and Jack should be back soon. Sage is worried about the test, but Gabe will tell her that he’s got it under control as they bicker about the situation.

Victor will make the big announcement to Chelsea and Ashley that Gabe is the new CEO of Newman Abbott, which naturally raises suspicion with Ashley. She speaks out about it, saying that Victor has betrayed Jack and she wonders what Gabe has on him. Victor tells her that Jack isn’t the man she knew anymore.

Noah is still helping Marisa, and she’ll explain that she’s in danger and she hopes to stay in Genoa City. Though she doesn’t explain everything, she does tell Noah that her boyfriend is dangerous and could harm her. Apparently, Noah will offer her a job at The Underground.

Chelsea and Gabe will talk about his CEO gig, and she mentions how Billy and Victoria probably aren’t going to respond well. As Gabe talks, Chelsea notes once again how he seems so much like Adam. Soon Marisa shows up to talk with Gabe.

Toward the end of Thursday’s episode, Jack opens his eyes. The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Phyllis will ask him who shot him. Jack points at Victor, who is in the room.

Phyllis goes for help and when she returns, she’ll see Victor seemingly preparing to smother Jack with a pillow. Also ahead at the end of this episode, Ashley will get news that the DNA test showed that Jack and Gabe are a match.

While “Gabriel” is on the brink of getting everything he’s wanted, fans know that it’s going to blow up in his face sooner or later. Marco may be missing for now, but there’s surely more to come on this front. How does it all play out? Fans will need to tune in to The Young and the Restless airing weekdays on CBS to find out.

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