Brandi Glanville Opens Up About Why She Left ‘RHOBH’, Talks Salary

Brandi Glanville would like you to know that, despite what her frenemies on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may tell you on social media, she left show on her own free will, MSN is reporting.

Speaking on Howard Stern‘s radio show on SiriusXM, Brandi opened up about the drama surrounding last season, her decision to leave the show, and her salary, among other juicy tidbits.

Brandi insists that she’s not the villain she’s portrayed as on the show — manufactured drama and clever editing is what made her look bad, she says.

“Last year was a really tough year for me because I felt like I played ball with everyone — I gave my all to the show and then when it aired I felt like, ‘Oh my God, they did me no favors in the editing room.’ I got really upset and a little depressed. But you don’t get a say. They’re making a show — they don’t care about us.”

It seems like Brandi Glanville has finally had it with all the drama. She’s basically calling it quits on the show, although she confirmed she’ll be back “for a little bit” next season, according to Fox News.

Still, Brandi has plenty on her plate to keep her busy, even without RHOBH.

“I have so much more on my plate than this show, I talked to producers, I really didn’t want to come back. I have other offers to do other things and I said, ‘Listen, I will come back if it makes sense’ — if it’s with Yolanda or of it’s with Kim. Otherwise, I don’t talk to any of the other ladies, and I don’t like them.”

Contrary to media reports, Brandi insists she wasn’t fired from RHOBH. In fact, she says, she was offered a pretty tidy sum — half a million dollars — to come back for another season. That’s a far cry from the $16,000 she earned for the first season, and the $136,000 she earned for the second. Brandi hasn’t talked about how much she made for Season 3, but an anonymous friend confirms that it was even more.

As for what Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will look like minus Brandi Glanville, Brandi is optimistic.

“I think the show will be successful but it will be different. It’s just gonna be completely different. I mean, it’ll be interesting to see who turns on who. You still have to make a show.”

Will you be tuning in to the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills now that Brandi Glanville is out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images / Robin Marchant]