Flying Pig Makes Crash Landing At Utah July 4th Celebration [Video]

One member of Provo, Utah’s hot air balloon fleet didn’t manage to reach its final destination Thursday morning. A pig-shaped aircraft made a crash landing at the event, captured by Twitter users Austin Duke and Chase Burr.

Only one passenger was aboard the pork float when it was sideswiped by another passing hot air balloon. Losing control, the flying pig zeppelin swerved into a tree and caught fire. No serious injuries have been reported, according to local news station Good4Utah, though the pilot is being treated for some burns to his neck. He was released at the scene.

One of the highlights of Provo’s America’s Freedom Festival for July 4th, the city’s 31st annual hot air balloon festival boasts 25 hot air balloons and around 25,000 Utahans who make their way out to watch the spectacle. This year, Yoda and Darth Vader were among the newest addition to the cast. Paul Warner, the event’s executive director, explained to Good4Utah why the event has been such a hit for the last three decades.

“The balloons are just exciting! The young kids come and they see these balloons getting blown up, and they just absolutely get so thrilled it’s hard to believe.”

Despite the flying pig balloon crashing, the festival is expected to continue tomorrow and the day after for July 4th activities.

[Photo via Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]