Nurse Drop: Newborn Baby Fractures Skull After ‘Drowsy’ Nurse Drops Him During Feeding

A nurse dropped a newborn baby at a hospital in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and police were called to investigate.

According to Fox News, authorities confirmed that the nurse — who worked at Uniontown Hospital for the past 30 years — somehow let the baby fall out of her arms. The baby’s mother, Jacqueline Hunt, was told about the incident, which occurred while the nurse was “feeding and burping” baby Eli.

Doctors told Hunt that the nurse was “drowsy.” Hunt’s 1-day-old son fractured his skull in the fall, but doctors have assured her that he is going to be okay.

Many feel that for a nurse to drop a newborn baby, there has to be more going on than a bit of tiredness, especially for a nurse who has done this work for several years. There have been super tired moms going on no sleep who still wouldn’t drop their newborns. However, if someone falls asleep while holding a baby, which is what reportedly happened here, anything is possible.

According to Yahoo! News, Uniontown Hospital spokesman Josh Krysak, the nurse is still employed by the hospital and has not been suspended.

“We’re supporting the nurse completely, and we recognize her dedication to her job. There is absolutely no indication that there was any malice or intent involved,” said Krysak. He did say that the nurse’s shift was unclear, and it’s unknown how long she had been awake before handling the newborn. These things are being checked in to.

“Pending the outcome of our review, we could certainly review protocols and internal processes,” Krysak said.

Meanwhile, baby Eli has been transported to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. Krysak said that the children’s hospital has kept them posted on the situation, and the baby is expected to make a full recovery.

“We are aware that testing revealed a minimally displaced skull fracture, but we also know that all indications given to us point to a full recovery.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Uniontown Hospital didn’t give too many details about the incident, but did release a statement following the incident.

“At Uniontown Hospital, we are committed to making a healthy difference in every life we touch and when such an unfortunate incident occurs, we take it very seriously and personally. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the child and the family. We are sorry that such a wonderful event has been overshadowed by an unfortunate situation. We are thankful that it appears that this incident did not result in significant injury and we will continue to work to ensure that we do all we can to prevent such incidents from occurring.”

[Photo by Christopher Furlong / Getty Images]