Heather Thomson Under Attack: Dorinda Medley Goes Berserk On Twitter

Heather Thomson didn’t realize that she was angering Dorinda Medley on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York. When the ladies were going out to dinner at Fire and Ice, they all thought they had the same goal in mind. The ladies arrived in two cars, and Heather was in the first car. Dorinda was in the second car. Apparently, she had asked the ladies to wait for them, so they could all go to the restaurant together.

When Heather Thomson heard screaming and yelling, she turned around and walked back to the group. And that’s when Dorinda decided to share her feelings. Thomson must have said the wrong thing, because Medley was furious when the episode aired.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Thomson was on the receiving end of a dramatic Twitter argument, where Medley decided she wanted her feelings heard. Sadly for Medley, there was no reaction whatsoever from Thomson.

“Oh really? Come back to reality? Thanks Heather….you can’t help yourself. You earned it… #RHONY,” Dorinda wrote on Twitter, adding later, “Ummmm….#TeamHolla…politeness dictates, walk in as a group. #RHONY,” “Remember you’re not my Mother …. #RHONY,” and “Treated you, because I wanted to walk in together? yeah sorry…in retrospect I regret giving a shit.”

Thomson didn’t reply on Twitter as the episode was airing, but her close friend Carole Radziwill decided it would be a good idea to defend her friend.

“I wouldn’t scream at my friend, ever. Esp. b/c they didn’t wait for me2 walk into a restaurant #growup,” Carole wrote in defense of Heather Thomson.

Perhaps this argument will influence whether Dorinda will return next year. According to the Inquisitr, she has hinted that she would love to come back next season. Instead of getting into a Twitter battle, Heather decided to share her thoughts and feelings in her official blog for The Real Housewives of New York.

“Dorinda’s behavior can be similarly erratic, as we got to see a little of when she came at me for not waiting for her after they left well before us. I had no idea they were behind us, and it was a short boardwalk to the open air restaurant. I didn’t hear Dorinda ask me to wait, then I heard yelling, and I of course went back. But to me there was an issue for no apparent reason? And then she started to cry and calls me a bitch?! Because I didn’t hear her yelling from the car to wait?” Heather Thomson reveals in her blog, trying to make sense of what happened.

“The only explanation I could think of was that she had one too many before dinner and it was affecting her emotions. She got so angry and emotional so fast over nothing! It has to go down as the one of the silliest arguments in Housewives history,” Heather points out.

What did you think of Dorinda attacking Heather Thomson?

[Image via Bravo]