Miley Cyrus Caught On Video Kissing Model Stella Maxwell

Miley Cyrus has been caught on video kissing, canoodling, and… doing other stuff with her new main squeeze, Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell, The Daily Mail is reporting.

Miley is in Hollywood this week to work on her new music video. Taking a break from production Tuesday night, she and her new best gal hung out by her tour bus, trading a few smooches, giggles, whispers, and hugs before they noticed paparazzi cameras rolling. Then the two women really started putting on a show, with Miley’s hands winding up inside Stella’s clothes at various points in the video.

The video is blurry and grainy, but TMZ has got our backs: Miley is the one in the shimmery gold outfit, Stella is the one in the black pants and blue cutoff shirt.

In a June Inquisitr report, Miley discussed her sexual orientation and gender identity, both of which can be described as “fluid.”

On the topic of her gender identity, Miley insisted that she is not transsexual.

“I didn’t want to be a boy. I kind of wanted to be nothing. I don’t relate to what people would say defines a girl or a boy, and I think that’s what I had to understand: Being a girl isn’t what I hate, it’s the box that I get put into.”

Miley says that she knew by age 14 that she liked both boys and other girls – something that caused no end of consternation for her devoutly Christian mother Trish Cyrus.

“I remember telling [my mother that] I admire women in a different way, and she asked me what that meant. And I said, ‘I love them. I love them like I love boys.’ It was so hard for her to understand. She didn’t want me to be judged and she didn’t want me to go to hell.”

And as far as her sexual relationships, Miley insists that she’s open to anything as long as it involves consenting adults.

“[I am] literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age… [I’m] down with any adult. I don’t relate to being boy or girl, and I don’t have to have my partner relate to boy or girl.”

Clearly, the pot-smoking, LGBTQ-advocating, girl-kissing Miley Cyrus is a far cry from the squeaky-clean Hannah Montana image that the Disney Channel spent so many years trying to cultivate.

[Image courtesy of: Getty IMages/Mike Coppola]