Lily Allen Burns Anti-Kanye West Flag At Glastonbury Festival

While Kanye West seems to bare the brunt of many people’s ire of late, it seems he does have at least one supporter out there – fellow singer, Lily Allen. When a group of music fans took a flag to the Glastonbury Festival that was anti-Kanye West, Lily Allen stepped in to correct the matter.

The flag in question said “F**k Off Kanye” and Lily Allen posted videos to her Instagram account showing her stealing the flag and then of her burning it until it read simply “Kanye.” She posted a statement of the incident to Instagram.

“The flag said ‘F–k Off Kanye. So I burned it ’til it said just ‘Kanye.’ Don’t go for dinner at someone’s house and tell them their food sucks. I should be clear that this picture was taken before Kanye played on Saturday.”

While there were initial mixed reactions to the announcement that Kanye West would play the normally “rock-centric” Glastonbury Festival, after his performance, the overall reaction was positive. Even amidst such anti-Kayne protesting as starting up a petition to have Kanye replaced, the singer was still positive in the lead up to his performance.

Besides Lily Allen, other music performers did step up to defend the choice to have Kanye West play the Glastonbury Festival. Dave Grohl, who recently broke his leg on stage and chose to keep playing, stated that having Kanye West at Glastonbury would “make for great moments in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.”

Lily Allen has been vocal in her support for Kanye West after she worked with him on Common’s “Drivin’ Me Wild.” She also tipped her hat in tribute to him by naming her 2014 album, Sheezus. This name is in reference to the title of one of Kanye’s albums, Yeezus.

However, the owners of the anti-Kanye flag she burned were not so fond of Lily Allen showing her support for West.

“I thought it was hilarious until I saw that she’d burned it and gotten all self righteous about it. I don’t care who you are, you have no right to steal my stuff and vandalise it. Get off your high horse and stop nicking things… Glastonbury is all about peace, love, good vibes and positivity. The guy [Kanye West] is an egotistical narcissistic and self deluded idiot who’s still basking in the light of his one good album. His stand out attribute is his commercialism and self promotion which completely contradicts the socialist ethos of Glastonbury festival. So I reckoned he could just f**k off.”

Initially, the owner of the flag, Aoibheann, thought they had been robbed.

You can watch the videos of Lily Allen stealing and burning the anti-Kanye West flag at the Glastonbury Festival below:

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[Image credits: Lily Allen / Instagram]