Russell Brand Blames U.K. Government For Tunisia Beach Massacre: ‘Stop Bombing These Foreign Countries’

Big-mouthed funny man Russell Brand has blamed the U.K. government for the Tunisia beach massacre and claims he holds British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservative Party responsible for the killing spree of drug-addled ISIS killer Seifiddine Rezgui.

The Mirror reports that Brand has aggravated the a situation further by branding the minute’s silence – planned for tomorrow in honour of the 27 Brits so far confirmed dead – as “total bulls**t”.

It’s a controversial view, but Brand specializes in exploiting controversial views to garner column inches. Yet you’d think that out of respect for the 38 tourists killed in the Tunisia beach massacre, Brand might have decided to keep his opinions to himself and kept his publicity-seeking mouth shut.

But no. Brand believes there’s “no point” in paying tribute to the holidaymakers killed by mass murderer Seifeddine Rezgui, because he said it’s all the fault of Britain for selling arms abroad, and carrying out bombing campaigns and military interventions. And nothing at all to do with a bloodthirsty and power-crazed killer who gets his kicks from shooting defenceless tourists on a beach.


Speaking in a YouTube video called “Tunisia Minute Of Silence, Total Bulls***,” the 40-year-old comic earnestly sits on the edge of the bed and proclaims, “The religion is not what’s important. What is important is the maintenance of power.”

“There is no point in having a minute’s silence on Friday. It’s a minute of bulls***.

“If you respect those people then demand that your Government stops selling arms to countries on its own human rights abuse list, demand that your government stops carrying out foreign wars on behalf of corporations.

“It will have a lot more impact than a minute’s silence.”

Brand then goes on to point the finger at David Cameron for staging foreign policy to protect “America and giant corporations and arms dealers and oil companies” instead of “ordinary” people of the world.

“If we want to attack the problem at its source this is the source. Stop bombing those foreign countries.

“Stop selling arms to countries on your own human rights abuse list. You have got to stop perpetuating the problem.”

Opinions are all well and fine. They’re an essential part of democracy, but so is diplomacy. Perhaps Brand would have been well advised to have have kept his thoughts on the minute’s silence to himself, and had one of his own to reflect on all those who have been silenced forever.

[Images via the Mirror]