Ann Romney’s Cake at Trump Fundraiser Pays Homage to Dressage Hobby

Over the past week, the Romney campaign has been touting Mitt’s wife as just your average stay-at-home housefrau, but mom-of-five Ann Romney’s cake and Donald Trump-sponsored was a bit fancier than your average birthday to do.

Ann Romney’s cake was a special gift from zillionaire pal Donald Trump for a fundraiser, one that had such high demand for tickets that an extra slot had to be added to accommodate all who wished to meet with the presumptive GOP candidate’s wife on her 62nd birthday.

The narrative from the Romney camp over the past week or so has been focused largely on convincing voters that the Romneys (despite massive wealth and a bit of a hard-on for wringing wealth from struggling companies and by extension, their put-upon workers) are in tune with the concerns of average Americans, the same types of Americans whose jobs Romney slashed to bits when he headed up Bain Capital. Not to put too fine a point on it.

ann romney cake trump fundraiser

So the lavish fundraiser featuring a cake from Cake Boss‘ Buddy Valastro (on which Ann Romney is sculpted from fondant engaging in the fancy French-sounding pursuit of dressage) may seem a bit dissonant with the folksy campaign vibe- but spokesman for Trump Michael Cohen tells CBS that the party was a big hit with the rich people who paid to get a few minutes of Romney’s attention:

“The impending Manhattan event has proved so financially successful, says Trump spokesman Michael Cohen, that the Romney campaign asked Trump to host a similar fundraiser when Romney secures the Republican presidential nomination. According to Cohen, tickets to that event would sell for $50,000 and 50 donors have already expressed interest in attending… Tuesday’s event at Trump’s primary residence, a triplex on 5th Avenue, was originally only supposed to hold 200 people. But when capacity was filled within 48 hours of invitations going out, the campaign “began to panic,” says Cohen. He says they asked to extend the number of people attending, which will now be 400.”

Does Donald Trump’s support for the Romneys (and purchase of Ann Romney’s cake) make you feel any warmer toward Mittens as the GOP’s candidate?