Bernie Sanders Draws The Biggest Crowd Yet In The 2016 Presidential Election

The 2016 Presidential election has become a crowded affair, with more candidates announcing their candidacy as the days go by. Nevertheless, Senator Bernie Sanders continues to enjoy a surge in his 2016 presidential campaign.

Bernie Sanders is noted as the chief rival to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party, and he has shown why by pulling of the largest crowd of 2016 Presidential election cycle so far.

While Senator Ted Cruz had an audience of 11,000 when he announced his intention of running in the 2016 Presidential election at Liberty University, it has since been noted that the students were mandated to attend, risking a $10 fine for truancy.

Bernie Sanders was able to attract over 9,000 in Madison, Wisconsin. The Alliant Energy Center, which seats just over 10,000, was filled to capacity according to staff.

Senator Bernie Sanders pointed out how many view his political platform as a position of extremism.

“I was shown something yesterday. Apparently the Wisconsin Republican Party has welcomed me to the State with a billboard, and the billboard says that I’m an ‘extremist.’ So let me just say a few words to my friends in the Republican Party about extremism.”

Sanders went on to paint a contrasting picture between his political agenda and those that accused him of extremism.

“When you deny the right of workers to come together in collective bargaining, that’s extremism. When you tell a woman that she can not control her own body, that’s extremism. When you think a woman is a child and can’t purchase a contraceptive, that is extremism. When you give tax breaks to billionaires and refuse to raise the minimum wage, that’s extremism.”

While the crowd in Madison, Wisconsin may have been the largest since the 2016 presidential election, it is still clear that Bernie Sanders still has a lot of work to make up. That is according to the latest CNN national polls which touts Hillary Clinton as the candidate to beat. Worryingly for Sanders, Vice President Joe Biden is currently second among Democrats, despite not yet having announced his candidacy.

Can Bernie Sanders overcome the polls and win the 2016 Presidential election?

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]