Multiple Deaths In Ashburton, Mother And Children Found In Garage

Multiple deaths in Ashburton, New Zealand raise suspicions as to how such horrible deaths occurred. A mother and her three children were found dead.

Ashburton is a suburb within Tinwald, New Zealand. The family’s deaths happened on Thomson Street around 4 p.m., as reports 3 News – New Zealand.

It’s been confirmed that the children involved were no more than three years of age, as the source mentions. Also, the news medium says that relatives, upon returning to the house, found them dead.

Dave Gaskin, Area Commander of the mid-south Canterbury police commented on the matter.

“I understand it was people who live in the house, who had been away for a period of time, had come back and found them in the house. They are relatives of the people in there.

We’ve asked the fire brigade to go through because we thought there might be a smell of gas. They’ve been through and made sure it’s safe, and now I’ve just had police officers enter again and they will be carrying out a full scene examination of the house…

There is nothing to indicate from our first foray into the place that there has been any foul play involved. They’ve cordoned off half the street with emergency tape. There’s a fire engine with around 12 firefighters and St John [ambulance] staff there as well.

They did go inside the house before, they had breathing packs on and helmets and things.”

It’s proposed — but unconfirmed — that Ashburton family was found in the garage of the house, with a running vehicle inside. Police say that there were no weapons found on the scene and that the deaths are “suspicious.”

At the moment, they’re not seeking any suspects. However, they are actively guarding the bodies overnight, as states New Zealand Herald. The source mentions that the family members were wearing breathing masks as well. So, accordingly, law enforcement asked surrounding neighbors if they had smelled gas or strange scents and if they were feeling healthy.

Sources also state that the initial call to emergency services was pertaining to cardiac arrest. However, when they arrived on-scene, four bodies were reported.

These Ashburton deaths are still under investigation. The relatives have asked to remain nameless.

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[Photo Credits: Twitter]