Gilbert McBride: Minister Officiating Same-Sex Marriages Finds Disturbing Letter On His Car [Photo]

Iowa minister Rev. Gilbert McBride doesn’t mind officiating same-sex marriages. While he hasn’t officiated many over the past couple years – only 50 out of 1,200 wedding ceremonies to be exact – many speculate that he’ll be officiating more in the near future due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriages in every state.

But, apparently there is someone who gravely disapproves of Rev. McBride’s decision to officiate same-sex unions as the gesture denotes support of that which contradicts the teachings of the bible.

So, the unknown person decided to voice his frustrations by penning a letter to Rev. McBride and leaving it on his car.

However, it doesn’t just focus on the pressing matter at hand. The hateful letter was extremely brash, and the unknown sender couldn’t have picked a worse time to address him because he is currently grieving the loss of his wife, Shelby McBride, who died back in January.

Although it has not been confirmed, Patheos states that the letter may have been sent in the wake of his wife’s death in an effort to cite a number of harsh coincidences in hopes of proving an arguable point.

Here’s the text from the letter:

Reverend McBride

We recently discovered that you perform same sex weddings. That disturbs many of us in this community. Normally when someone in town dies the community comes together to do what we can for that person’s family. As you may or may not have noticed is when your wife died, no one came and brought meals or even so much as condolences. That’s because as a minister that performs gay weddings, you deserve all the bad that you brought upon yourself. Your wife died because God hates you for the abomination you have become by preaching his word while also catering to queers. We in this community hope you suffer as much as possible and realize that unless you change your faggot friendly ways, your suffering will only get worse. Do this town and your family a favor and get a rope and hang yourself. People like you disgust us. We don’t want or need your kind around us making our town look worse. I personally hope you die a slow and ugly death. Maybe you can catch aids from your friends. Just die.

Needless to say, Rev. McBride definitely found the letter highly disturbing. During a recent interview with KGAN, he shared his reaction to the offensive letter.


“To say that God hates me for who I am because I am a preacher who did a gay wedding. I don’t understand,” Rev. McBride said. “It came over left field and knocked me with a feather…I think the worst thing you can tell a minister is that God hates you,” he said. “But I think even worse is to tell a grieving husband that not only God hates you, as he hated you, he took your wife from you; that just cut me to the core [and] that just hurt me in so many ways.”

Although Rev. McBride has filed a complaint with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, there are still no leads.

[Image via KGNA Screen Capture]