Dog Suffocates And Dies At Dog Daycare: What Happened?

A tragedy happened when a bulldog suffocated after a plastic dog pool fell on him and trapped him underneath at a dog daycare in Naples, Florida. Wrigley was a one-year-old dog who loved to play in the water in the small pools at Camp Bow Wow. His human mom, who loved him dearly, took him to the camp three times a week for socialization while she worked. Camp Bow Wow’s owner, Isel Tiziano, stated the following, according to the Dogington Post.

“Wrigley loved the pool. He was a dog that just couldn’t get enough of the pool….Unfortunately, he came and got underneath the pool, batted at it and somehow it fell on him.”

Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong at the hottest time of the day, around noon, as no one noticed that the pool fell on the helpless pup. After a shift change, an employee of Camp Bow Wow lifted up the doggy pool and found Wrigley, unresponsive. He suffocated under the pool, according to WINK News. Owner Tiziano indicated that the camp will search how this happened and how the pools can be secured. The camp personnel are also meeting to determine how this disaster happened. Camp Bow Wow rushed Wrigley to an animal hospital. But it was too late; Wrigley had died. Owner Tiziano stated the following:

“There was a counselor going back and forth but no one noticed. We had a shift change, the new counselor came and picked up the pool and found Wrigley underneath unresponsive. This has really rocked us, this is a sad day.”

Of course, Wrigley’s family is mourning their great loss. After all, dogs are family to many animal lovers. They are devastated and concerned, asking how such a negligent act could occur. Wrigley’s mom is too upset to talk to outsiders about the incident. But a family friend, Sarah Bliss, stated the following, according to the Dogington Post.

“This was her child, literally her child….The whole family is devastated. I have never heard of anything so negligent….He would have barked–-for a pool to have fallen and nobody to–-it just doesn’t sit. It doesn’t sit right at all. It shouldn’t of [sic] happened.””

Bliss also noted that, with 24-hour video cameras and staff, someone should have seen what occurred. Wrigley’s mom would watch her canine companion on her phone app during the day. Bliss also stated the following according to WINK News.

“She will get on her phone and look at him. He will be running-–at one point in time a bunch of employees were just huddled in a corner not interacting….To imagine what he went through during that period of time is heart wrenching.”

What do you think should happen regarding Wrigley’s death? What type of penalty, if any, should be imposed and on whom? Should any animal cruelty charges be brought? Please leave your comments below.

In another act of negligence, a dog died after being left in a hot car while the owners shopped. In a video posted on Live Leak, a boxer is seen desperately gasping for breath while a police officer smashes the car window to try to rescue the distressed dog. The owners of Fidji, the 14-month-old dog, purportedly went shopping for four hours while their dog suffered, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Bulldog (not Wrigley), Photo By Spencer Platt/Getty Images]