Samantha Brick Not Going Away Yet, Tells Creepy ‘Daddy’s Love’ Story to Daily Fail

Earlier this month, British narcissist Samantha Brick took the internet by storm when she published a piece for the Daily Mail expounding the massive benefits of being what most people charitably said was really quite average looking.

Brick, 41, told readers of the many pitfalls inherent in considering oneself prettier than normal, explaining that while being showered with free taxi rides, free drinks and a free bottle of champagne “compliments of the captain’s boner” (said Jezebel) on a flight were all lovely, dealing with what Brick perceived as unchecked jealousy and rampant envy from other, “older” women was making her life hellacious. When she isn’t sipping a free cocktail, of course.

Because women are awful to each other and everyone knows it, or so the saying and Brick’s general insinuation goes. Anyway, the piece got internet legs and pretty soon everyone was opening up the Samantha Brick story to find out exactly how hot you have to be to provoke the ire of your fellow females almost constantly, since most of us for the most part manage to co-exist with our sisters and not get hated on all the time.

samantha brick controversy

So Brick is still talking about it, and followed up her original DM piece with another, even creepier and sadder one about how her self-bestowed beauty privilege dates back to being a kid, and her dad, and her lazy eye. Samantha amusingly kind of distills her whole narrative in one quote, where she says that her dad’s cards to her always called her his “number one girl,” a fact she admits is due to her birth order but says she chose instead to see it as a form of favoritism over her four sisters:

“Unashamedly, I am a daddy’s girl, utterly confident in my father’s love. For as long as I can remember, I got birthday cards from him addressed to ‘my No 1 girl’. While he was probably referring to the fact I was his eldest daughter (he has five) I interpreted it as meaning I was No 1 in his life.”

It seems also to kind of speak to what pissed people off so much about Brick’s narcissism- in Samantha Brick’s world, it’s not about how pretty she is, but rather, how pretty everyone else isn’t, to maintain the illusion.