Joe Manganiello And Sofia Vergara Don’t Want To Become The Next Bennifer

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara may be one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, but don’t expect them to star in a movie together anytime soon. According to them, they don’t want to become the next Bennifer, previously known as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

The Magic Mike XXL star revealed that the Modern Family actress denied any chance of them appearing on the big screen together. Manganiello, 38, said he approached the hot Sofia Vergara with a script and she shut him down! The actress refuses for them to make a movie like Bennifer’s 2003 classic flop, Gigli.

The very attractive Joe Manganiello revealed all in his recent interview with Haute Living magazine.

“I gave her the script and was like, ‘Please read this. It’s such a good part for you and it’s amazing for me. And she said, ‘No I’m not going to make Gigli,’ and kind of threw it on the ground.”

Joe was shocked, of course, but he agreed with Sofia.

“We get along so well together; I’m so lucky to have found that right person for me, and I know she feels the same way. We’re really good with each other. Why risk f***ing that up?”

In case you didn’t know, Gigli was released at the height of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s already high-profiled relationship. It’s been dubbed as one of the worst movies ever created. Gigli was a box-office bomb that only made 10th of its $75.6 million budget. The film bothered Ben Affleck so much that he told GQ magazine in November 2012 that he’s still haunted by the film.

The hunky actor also revealed that when they’re not fighting over scripts, the super sexy couple loves to spend their afternoons watching HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Joe Manganiello may work hard on his muscular physique, but he swears he’s not a meathead. He doesn’t mind if you call him one though.

“I play male strippers; I play construction worker werewolves, but that’s not who I am. I’m flattered when people think of me as a meathead. I loved Robert De Niro growing up and [his characters] Jake LaMotta and Travis Bickle [of ‘Raging Bull’ and ‘Taxi Driver,’ respectively] are not wickedly intelligent characters, but I’ll tell you what: De Niro is a wickedly intelligent guy. It takes a very smart man to play dumb. I think who I play onscreen and who I am in my real life are very different.”

The producer and actor says that although he takes on sexy roles, he’s mostly drawn to comedies.

“Comedy makes the most sense to me. When I watch love scenes, I always cringe and think, ‘I know that girl and I know her husband and she’s making out with some other guy rolling around. That’s creepy and weird’… We’re all just pretending — but the strings are less visible when it’s comedy. You’re just there to be entertained and laugh, and I love being able to give an audience that.”

Unfortunately, for fans, Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara won’t be sharing the screen with their comedic timing anytime soon.

[Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]