Twisted Parents Lock Starving Twins In 4X4 Room, Police Charge — And That’s Not Even The Worst Part

Steven Auker and Kimberly Robinson, according to the police who busted them, left their 2-year-old twins locked in a tiny area measuring just four feet by four feet — then starved the kids so badly that when Indiana Department of Child Services workers found them, the twin toddlers weighed just 16 and 17 pounds each.

Now, the parents from hell are getting their own experience of jail — though they are certainly being treated much better than they treated their own children, the twins plus a 5-year-old and 6-year-old.

The older children were said to be in better condition, however, than the toddlers when they were found on June 12 at the home of Auker’s own mother in Anderson, Indiana. The two little ones not only suffered from severe malnutrition, they could not walk or crawl, talk, or eat solid food when they were discovered in the home.

And the shocking parental neglect didn’t end there. Police then checked the home where Auker, 38, had lived with his wife, Kimberly Robinson, 32, before the “dad” took the kids to his mother’s house.

There they found a horrifying and disgusting scene, police said. The whole house reeked with a stench described in court documents as “atrocious.” Floors throughout the house were strewn with used, dirt diapers, garbage and feces from both dogs and cats, that no one had bothered to clean up.

From their investigation, the cops figured out that the twins had been confined to a tiny space in the house no bigger than four feet across.

The two twins suffered from severe mental and physical disabilities, were extremely filthy, and both were infested with lice.

Auker told investigators that Robinson had left him three weeks earlier, and that’s why he took the kids to his mom’s house — he just couldn’t care for the children on his own. But from the evidence discovered by police in the Auker and Robinson’s house, it appeared that even when the parents were together, they barely cared for the children.

Not only were the twins deprived of food and liquids, they had no clothing except for the items of apparel they had on when discovered.

Neighbors had little if any idea of the horrors going on inside the Aukur and Robinson house.

“It’s definitely a tragedy to know that there were two kids living inside of there,” said one neighbor, Morgan Blair, interviewed by WISH-TV News. “If it wasn’t for me seeing them peek out of those windows every now and then I would have never known.”

The discovery of the neglected twins in Indiana came just days after the arrest of a 38-year-old mom of 12 in Oklahoma for allegedly keeping her kids in a feces-filled house with no water or electricity and minimal food.

The Indiana twins were taken by paramedics to a nearby hospital where they remain and according to police, have been showing signs of improved health. The parents of the starving twins remain in jail this week, awaiting their next court appearance, set for July 20.

[Image: Anderson Police Department]