US Troops Posed With Suicide Bombers’ Body Parts

US Troops stationed in Afghanistan on at least two occasions posed for pictures with the body parts of Afghan insurgents who had acted as suicide bombers. The photos surfaced and were quickly identified as paratroopers with the 82nd Airborne Division

The photos were revealed after a soldier from the division sent 18 photographs to the Los Angeles Times.

In one of the chilling photographs a US solider smiles as he holds up the severed leg of a dead Afghanistan insurgent, in another a severed hand is held up in such a way that it’s flipping off the camera. In yet another photograph a sign reading “zombie hunter” is placed next to more remains.

The soldier who has remained anonymous says the photographs were sent to the Times because he wanted to point out the poor leadership and discipline he was seeing in Afghanistan.

In the meantime officials in the army have launched a criminal investigation and have promised to “take appropriate action” once the men have been interviewed and their actions understood. Thanks to the photographs most of the US troops have been revealed.

In the meantime a Pentagon spokesman criticized the Times for printing the two year old photographs, noting that violence could be brought against the soldiers who are still in the region. The Times says it felt an “obligation” to show the photographs after they were sent in.

This isn’t the first time US soldiers have been caught in bad situations with the dead bodies of enemies, in January a group of soliders were caught urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban insurgents.