Sam Smith Celebrates Recovery From Vocal Surgery By Covering The King Of Rock N’ Roll [Video]

Sam Smith, the soulful voice behind such pop hits as “Stay With Me” and “Lay Me Down,” has had an important past few weeks. The singer has been recovering from surgery on his vocal chords, and recently won a BET Award though he wasn’t able to appear and accept it for that very reason, as Inquisitr mentioned.

Smith was also not able to be present at this year’s Grammy Awards as he was still recovering from surgery. The singer was brought in using cameras and held up a variety of signs with the words to his acceptance speech on them.

Sam Smith Celebrates Recovery From Vocal Surgery Smith on video at the 2015 Grammy Awards. [Image Credit: USA Today] reported that Smith had undergone surgery back in May 2015 due to a hemmorhage on his vocal chords, and by June, was joining Nile Rodgers and Chic in London for a literal song and dance.

Despite the setback, Smith hasn’t stopped working on his music and actually feels kind of guilty for not performing, according to a Twitter post discovered by ABC News in which Smith ended his sincere apology with an emphatic “I love you all!” The fans have been showing Smith love as well, offering inspiring messages about his Elvis cover and taking several of his songs to the top of the pop charts.

Amazingly, Smith is already up for touring this summer. His website reports that his tour will begin July 18, 2015. You can grab tickets for Smith’s tour now via his website and Smith’s latest single “Like I Can” is also now available on iTunes and his vevo channel.

Such a short turnaround for the singer, who released his Elvis Presley cover just six weeks after having surgery, is fairly surprising. However, the New York Times predicted there could be some changes to Smith’s voice post-surgery, noting that the vocal cords may not rub together in the same way they did before.

Like other bruises, hemorrhages mostly heal on their own. But some hemorrhages are large — large enough in this case that it may prevent Smith’s vocal cords from vibrating against each other in the same heavenly way.

Is Smith’s unique sound lost? Resources for singers commonly note that using your voice in such a prolonged way and so often can sometimes be the source of the damage, and that damage can at times be irreversible, so we’ll have to wait in see. In the meantime, feel free to regale yourself with Sam’s pre-surgery vocals and see how they stack up against his new cover.

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