Veronika Black: 32J Breast Implant Sporting Angelina Jolie Look-a-like Waist Trains, Exercises To Keep A Size 8 [Video]

Veronika Black is one name that has certainly caused a stir on Wednesday. Black looks so much like Angelina Jolie in certain photos seen on the Daily Mail that it’s hard to distinguish the two. In other photos Veronika doesn’t look like Angelina at all. Black said that she began getting comparison to Jolie once she began to get lip fillers to plump up her lips. Veronika also reports that males who approach her oftentimes get so nervous that they sometimes start shaking. One suspects that that Black’s breast implant jobs that cost approximately $10,900 USD and brought her up to a 32J have something to do with that.

The photos on Veronika’s Twitter page prove that she is a fan of Protein World shakes. It’s the same outfit that caused controversy with their “Are You Beach Body Ready?” campaign that prompted some women to deface their subway ads, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Apparently, Veronika is also a fan of Fit Tea, or at least Black likes shilling the products on social media. Either way, Black has come a long way from the days when the now 27-year-old from Vancouver, Canada couldn’t get a boyfriend. Veronika says she was bullied as an 8-year-old and the bullying kept going all throughout high school, until she turned 18.

Quips about her flat chest back in the day — along with her frizzy hair and “chubby” status, as she called herself — occurred during Black’s awkward phase. The flat chested insults are no doubt what drove Veronika towards large implants that are currently a 32J. The size 8 model also says that she uses waist trainers to help keep her weight in check, along with daily workouts.

It’s Veronika’s comparisons to Jolie that threw her for a loop when folks who visited the shop she worked in began comparing her to the actress.

“It was bizarre, but Angelina is absolutely gorgeous so I was obviously flattered too.”

With Black’s large social media following, it’s likely that she’ll find her “Brad Pitt” to settle down with one day, even though Veronika says it’s mostly creepy guys who approach her these days, and that she’s too shy to approach the good guys herself.

“I never got invited to parties, and was constantly being told that no boy would ever want me.”

Veronika also says that she doesn’t have many girlfriends, because women assume she’s a man eater.

[Image via Twitter]