Flight Fail: Pilot Knocks Himself Out With His Own Drone [Video]

A YouTube user has uploaded the hilarious moment when he accidentally knocks himself out with his own drone.

He must have been a little sleepy that day as he launches his ZMR250 racing copter, which then flies around in a test lap around the field. The trouble started when the drone started heading back to him — aiming right for the back of his head.

The guy is totally oblivious to what is happening and obviously not watching the captured footage as the drone zooms around and towards the back of his noggin, knocking him right off his sun lounger. With his remote control in hand, he literally knocks himself out with his shakily controlled drone.

Pilot knocks himself out

As the man falls to the ground, the drone footage gets a bit shaky as the ZMR250 falls to the ground. Fortunately, the pilot wasn’t badly hurt, although his pride probably took a bit of a tumble after he knocks himself out so clumsily.

In the footage doctorsnakestown uploaded to YouTube, he remarks that this was a “little slapstick lap where I boomerang max speed into my own noggin!”

“Luckily, I did not hurt myself, other than a bump on the head. Be safer than me! I am going to revamp my pilot seating zone once my head feels better ;)”

Meanwhile, our trusty pilot is no doubt brushing up his drone piloting skills to avoid having the aerial device hitting him again. Watch the footage where he knocks himself out at the top of this article.

As reported on the Inquisitr, these darn drones can get really annoying, or possibly a little scary. A man in rural California shot down his neighbor’s hexacopter with a 12-gauge shotgun, as he thought the drone was a CIA surveillance device spying on him.

In rather more scary drone news, there has been heightened security over the Wimbledon event, after a drone was seized after it flew above Wimbledon’s All England Lawn Tennis Club, just a day ahead of the start of the Grand Slam tennis event.

With the tragic Tunisia attacks on the top of everyone’s mind, it just isn’t worth taking any chances, but it appears the incident was an innocent one. However, it is against the law to fly a drone within 50 meters of a structure, which is where that pilot made his mistake.

[Image: Screen grab from YouTube video]