Kim Kardashian Shares What She Knows About Pregnancy, Cellulite, Selfies, And Sexual Objectification

Kim Kardashian made an appearance at the Commonwealth Club at the Castro Theatre on Tuesday night, June 30. The 34-year-old reality star held a live discussion about the topics she knows best, like pregnancy, cellulite and weight gain, selfies, and sexual objectification.

The reality star and style icon was invited by the 112-year-old club that’s described as one of the nation’s oldest and largest public affairs forums. Kim Kardashian made her appearance in a black dress with shoulder cut-outs, designed by Balmain, one of her signature designers. Kim also wore nude lipstick and nude Manolo Blahniks. That’s not all that she wore, though. The television personality revealed that she was also wearing specialized pregnancy Spanx that doesn’t “squeeze the baby,” but hides the cellulite.

More than 1,300 fans waited for the famous Kardashian sister to arrive. Most of the female audience goers paid up to $300, which included a copy of Kardashian’s selfie book and a photograph taken with her. Retired state judge LaDoris Cordell was also there to ask Kardashian questions about her outfit, social media, and the objectification of women in the media.

Kim also wasn’t shy when it came to talking about her body. The reality star says that she dealt with self-esteem issues as a girl growing up with a curvaceous body.

“When I was growing up, there weren’t a lot of [famous] women who had curvy bodies, not until Selma Hayak and Jennifer Lopez came along.”

Kardashian also revealed about how she contributed to her own sexual objectification, hinting that she doesn’t relate to feminist ideals and saying that “it’s the media who exploits the images.” According to Kardashian, she has control over her nude images and she’s proud about objectifying herself.

“I’ve chosen to put [the images] in there. I’m proud of them. I think there is power of that….I feel proud of that. Even if it’s objectifying myself, I’m OK with that.”

Kim also noted that women should have control over their own image and social media portrayals, like she has. She noted that she has control when it comes to her nude photos shoots in Paper magazine, where she posed fully nude for the first time since her 2007 Playboy shoot.

The famous Kardashian also shared her tips for taking a good selfie. She revealed that it’s all about the lighting. Kardashian suggested that Cordell should use “lots of bright lights” and to “know your angles.”

Kim’s appearance was also to promote her coffee table book, Selfish. Kim signed hundreds of copies of her 400-page book before she sat down for her interview with Cordell.

This live appearance comes after the heels of Kardashian’s interview on NPR. The reality star received backlash for appearing as a guest star on the weekly quiz show “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me” last month. There’s no doubt that Kardashian’s live appearance at the Commonwealth Club of California received its share of criticism after having guest hosts like Bill Gates and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Kim wasn’t aware of the backlash she received from her NPR appearance. When asked why there was so much criticism about her NPR interview, she said, “I don’t really know — and I don’t care.” The audience immediately roared and then Kim admitted that she ignores the negative press these days.

Kim Kardashian is also making headlines for her racy cover on Rolling Stone magazine, which debuted on Thursday, July 1.

[Image: Rick Diamond/Getty Images]