One Reported Dead After Ebola Resurfaces In Liberia, Two Months After Celebrating Victory Over Ebola Outbreak

After being declared Ebola-free on May 9, Liberia residents were shocked after learning the deadly virus had resurfaced when the body of a teen boy, 17, was found dead of the virus just outside of a rural area, according to Time.

After the teen was found dead on Tuesday, authorizes isolated everyone that came in contact with him for testing. As of now, one person has tested positive of the virus, but prior to the death of the young boy, another person tested positive of Ebola.

The boy’s immediate family were the first to be quarantined in their home, as they had direct contact with him.

The country had been stealth with this new information and wanted to keep it out of the media until recently, when they discovered the body of the teen boy.

CNN reported that the teen — who resided near the Liberian airport — sought out medical attention at a local clinic on June 21 after showing signs of Ebola. Medical staff did not suspect Ebola, since the country had been free of the virus for two months — therefore, they diagnosed him with malaria.

“After presenting at a local health facility the patient was treated for malaria and discharged,” said the World Health Organization.

“He died on 28 June and received a safe burial the same day. An oral swab taken before the burial subsequently tested positive twice for Ebola.”

The investigative team are now working diligently to uncover how the teen contracted the virus. Although they suspect he could have recently travelled outside of Guinea, there is no information supporting their inkling as of yet.

“There is no known source of infection and there’s no information about him traveling to Guinea or [Sierra Leone],” said a spokesperson of the ministry of health.

“There is no need for panic. There is no need for fear. We have it under control,” said Tolbert Nyenswah.

“It’s possible we might see other cases, and we’re moving as quickly as possible to identify all the contacts to make sure they’re carefully monitored.”

Thus far, Ebola has infected 24,400 people and claimed the lives of 11,200.

[Image courtesy of John Moore / Getty Images]