A New Kim Kardashian Mobile App Has Launched And It’s Not A Game

A new Kim Kardashian app has launched. No, it’s not another mobile game. In fact, this app turns the reality star into a weather girl. Fans who wondered what Kim Kardashian would wear in the in rain or sunshine now have an app for that exact purpose.

Bravo collaborated with Bullet to create the Kim.Guru app. This app will give users worldwide weather reports, along with a photo of Kim Kardashian dressed for the appropriate weather conditions. The app’s website gives users a brief description about the new app.

“Rain or shine, Kim Kardashian has the outfit. Type in cities around the globe to see her weather-appropriate looks.”

The new app, which launched on Monday, June 29, enable the user’s location to track the weather conditions and tell users what Kim would wear if she was in their climate.

The app features a spinning globe that says: “Kim is checking the weather.”


The temperatures are also featured in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. If you don’t like Kardashian’s outfit of the day, you can just enter your desired location and wait for another ensemble to pop up. The app currently has over 100 of Kardashian’s street style looks, and users can even share her looks on social media because “friends don’t let friends dress poorly for the weather,” according to the app’s video.

According to the Daily Mail, the new Kim Kardashian app is already getting rave reviews with Twitter users. It’ll be any wonder if this new app will rival the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game. The game has made $100 million in 2014, and has had more than 28 million downloads across the globe. It’s expected to increase in popularity over the next year as it gets upgraded with new styles and celebrity guests.

According to a previous report in In Touch Weekly, Kim’s Hollywood mobile game “has a net worth of $85 million.” The reality star launched her first mobile game in June, 2014, for both iPhone and Android devices. The game’s objective is to simply become an A-list Hollywood star.

Kim Kardashian previously revealed that it was her husband, Kanye West, who convinced her to launch the highly successful mobile game.

“I respect him and his opinion, and so I asked him, ‘What do you think of this video game, do you think I should do it?’ And he was like, ‘You have to do this.’ “

It’s unclear whether or not the Kim.Guru app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, like the mobile game. It’s also unclear whether or not it was Kardashian’s decision to have her image featured on the new weather app.

[Image: Rick Diamond / Getty Images]