Are ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Stars Brandi Glanville And Kyle Richards Headed To Court?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has had enough of former co-star Brandi Glanville and her incessant comments. According to Glanville’s recent tweet, Richards has reached the point that she is ready to take legal action following Glanville’s public accusations against her and co-star Lisa Vanderpump.

“Now @kylerichards is threatening me with a legal letter because if my tweets?” Glanville wrote on her Twitter page.”Get my address from @Andy I will add it to my pile #rich coward.”

The threats of legal action surfaced after Glanville tweeted some strong accusations against her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars, including some regarding Kyle’s husband, Mauricio. Apparently, Kyle has had enough of her comments on social media, and is turning to the law for help in quieting her former co-star.

Although Glanville has officially departed the reality show following Season 5, she doesn’t seem to be willing to let her feelings go about her former co-stars. In fact, in a recent tweet directed at Kyle, she wrote, “Let me tell u what I wouldn’t do 4 a TV show @kylerichards17 exploit 1 sisters sobriety & f**k over the other @KathyHilton husbands business!”

The message alludes to Glanville’s belief that Kyle acted wrongly in regards to her own sister, Kim Richards. It appears Glanville’s main beef with Kyle is that she believes the reality star exploited her own sister’s sobriety in order to gain attention on the show. Further, Glanville claims that Kyle tried to persuade her to do the same and exploit Kim’s issues with alcohol.

Despite the bad feelings between Kyle and Glanville, Kim hasn’t completely ended her relationship with Glanville. In fact, Glanville recently visited Kim while she was in rehab, and the two seem to be getting along just fine. Although the visit to rehab came prior to the online battle between Glanville and Kyle, Kim doesn’t appear to mind that her sister is at odds with Glanville. According to the Examiner, Kim is still close with her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star.

Meanwhile, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting ready to move forward with its sixth season. While Kyle will be included in the show when it returns for Season 6, Glanville and Kim will not. Glanville departed the show following the constant fighting with her fellow co-stars. For her part, Kim is trying her best to get clean before she considers any kind of comeback to the reality show world.

[Image Courtesy: NBC Universal]