WWE News: ‘Rolling Stone’ Names Kevin Owens Wrestler Of The Year

It’s rare to find a WWE superstar to make a huge impact on the WWE main roster in such a short time. Not even guys like John Cena changed the landscape of the company as quickly as Kevin Owens. Already coming in with over-10 years of experience, Owens is the current-WWE NXT champion and is feuding with John Cena on the main roster.

Along with building a feud with the WWE’s top star, he already has two matches that can be considered as “Match of the Year” winners. Both bouts with Cena were five stars. Not only do the WWE fans believe Owens is a top star, but Vince McMahon and Triple H are behind Owens in a big way.

The former-Ring of Honor superstar is making a splash on wrestling’s biggest stage. Now that he has popularity in the wrestling industry, it’s time for Owens to make a connection with the outside world. It appears that he’s already taking strides in doing so.

Earlier today, Kevin Owens was chosen by Rolling Stone as the “Wrestler of the Year,” so far this term. Here are the rest of the “Best of the Rest of the Half-Year” awards:

“Runner-Up Wrestler: Roman Reigns

Second-Best Heels: New Day

Most Unavoidable Face Turn: Brock Lesnar

Most Welcome Heel Turn: Tie: Sheamus/Naomi

Least Exciting Heel Turn: Adam Rose

Most Improved Wrestler: Nikki Bella

Silliest Promos: Bray Wyatt

Best Promos: Tie: John Cena/Kevin Owens

Most Improved Promos: Ryback

Worst Entrance Gimmick on Great New Main-Roster Wrestler: Neville

Most Puzzling New Finisher: Seth Rollins, Pedigree

Most Jaw-Dropping Finisher: Neville, Red Arrow

Most Deserved Push: Prime Time Players

Least Compelling Title Challenger: Big Show

Most Stagnated Storyline: Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler/Lana

Best Briefly Resuscitated Storyline: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Most Unfortunate Injury: Tie: Daniel Bryan/Tyson Kidd

Best PPV/WWE Network-Exclusive Event: WrestleMania

Worst PPV/WWE Network-Exclusive Event: Tie: Payback/Royal Rumble

Most Gratefully Non-Future-Endeavored: Woo woo woo! Zack Ryder

Looking at the list, the most-fitting award is Kevin Owens. He defeated Sami Zayn in his first month and a half under a WWE contract for the championship. Due to the injury to Zayn, Owens was called up to face John Cena. Now, they’ve connected and put together the best feud the WWE has right now.

Even WWE legends are impressed with Kevin Owens. Mick Foley went on the record by saying that Owen is a “faster, stronger and more aggressive” wrestler than Foley. What the WWE did was sign an Independent star that can take over the WWE. It hasn’t even been a year, and the evidence is already there.

[Image via bleacherreport.net]