Muggers Beat Up Woman And Steal Her Cocker Spaniel, What They Did Next Will Horrify You

Lora Panossian was walking her cocker spaniel in Queens on Sunday night when two strangers approached, pretending to be interested in the dog.

But in the blink of an eye, the two attacked the woman, punching her in the stomach, and then snatching the dog before running away.

“Two men, around my age, came towards me,” the 29-year-old Panossian told the New York Post. “They were friendly­ ­. . . asking questions about my dog, so I didn’t think anything of it.”

Panossian said the attack happened so fast that she barely had time to react.

“One guy bent down, he was very friendly, he was asking me a lot of questions about Ginger, and the other guy came and sucker punched me in the gut,” Panossian told CBS 2. “I lost my breath and I fell down, and the other guy picked up the dog and they ran down the stairs.”

While Panossian held out hope that the pair would release the dog or Ginger would be able to escape, two days later she got the shocking news — the muggers had brutally killed the dog and dumped its body in a nearby park.

Friend said Panossian has been crushed, and hasn’t been able to go to work since the dognapping.

Lara said her last glimpse of her beloved dog was seeing Ginger trying to defend her from the attack.

“She was barking really loud. She saw me fall to the ground and I was screaming her name,” she said, adding that the dog soon went quiet. “Maybe he held her mouth shut. But I don’t know. It happened so fast.”

Police and friends of Lara Panossian are now looking for the people responsible for stealing and killing Ginger, and have even set up a Facebook page asking for help.

“Ginger has been found dead in Crocheron park today by parks workers who then contacted the detectives at the 111. At this point now, our attention must now be turned towards justice. I beg all of you to please come forward with any kind of information that might be helpful towards the investigation. If anyone was around Saturday and Sunday night around 10pm and happened to notice any suspicious activity at the pond or surrounding area, we beg you to please come forward with the information.”

Police have yet announced any suspects in the abduction and killing of Ginger, but Lara Panossian said she is holding out hope they are found.

[Image via Facebook]