Former WWE Wrestler Takes Hard Line Against Pro-Gay Tweets

Wrestling veteran Chavo Guerrero Sr. raised many an eyebrow late Monday night, weighing in via Twitter regarding the ongoing debate over marriage equality. Expressing contempt for the largely positive reactions to the Supreme Court’s recent decision which effectively legalizes same-sex marriage, Guerrero warned his 11,000 Twitter followers that he will ignore users who display a rainbow in their profiles or make pro-gay comments, accusing them of “making a mockery of God.”

Guerrero attempted to clarify his statements several hours later, explaining that his sentiments stem from religious convictions.

Chavo Guerrero Sr. previously reacted to the aforementioned Supreme Court decision with what appeared to be a pejorative reference to gays and lesbians shortly after the judgment was handed down on June 26.

Guerrero isn’t the only high-profile American to register displeasure for the recent developments in the legal and social fabric of the United States. Presidential candidate and reality star Donald Trump commented on the Supreme Court ‘s recent decision, expressing his support for “traditional marriage” in an interview with CNN‘s Jake Tapper.

The interaction is the virtual flip side of a situation that played out in the Twitterverse earlier this week when mega-star Arnold Schwarzenegger squared off with a Twitter follower who criticized him for changing his avatar to the rainbow color scheme. U.K.-based news organization Daily Mirror reports that one of Schwarzenegger’s fans responded to the symbolic gesture by saying he’d unfollow the Hollywood icon. Schwarzenegger replied with his most popular catch phrase from the Terminator film franchise, “Hasta la vista.”

Chavo Guerrero Sr., who is the brother of the late Eddie Guerrero and father of former WWE talent and current Lucha Underground star Chavo Guerrero Jr, is now retired from the in-ring competition. He competed as Chavo Classic in WWE, where he briefly held the company’s cruiserweight title. He was also a mainstay in the National Wrestling Alliance for much of his career. In his Twitter profile, Chavo Guerrero Sr. describes himself as a “WWE Legend.”

[Photo via WWE/Sky Sports 3]