‘The Flash’ Star Grant Gustin Claims New ‘Big Bad’ Introduced Immediately In Season 2

Season 1 of The Flash ended with a cliffhanger that left many fans wondering about the fate of the superhuman speedster.

Luckily, Grant Gustin recently let a spoiler slip concerning the new villain in the coming season. This tease may be an indication of where the show is headed as it enters Season 2.

Gustin, who plays Barry Allen (The Flash) in the series, won an award for Breakthrough Performance at the recent Saturn Awards. After receiving the award, Collider caught a video of him being asked what he was excited about in the new season.

“Yeah, we’re introducing a really cool big bad that’s gonna be revealed kind of immediately… So that will be really cool.”

Although Andrew Kreisberg has hinted in the past that Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy might be villains in Season 2, they don’t quite match up with being a “big bad.” What other villains might fill this role in the new season?

One candidate for the new villain is Gorilla Grodd. While Grodd appeared in Season 1 of the show, he might be set for a return to make life harder for Flash. To add more credence to this idea, the character is always setting up a master plan in the comics, so a return wouldn’t be out of character for the talking gorilla.

Another likely culprit is Killer Frost. With a giant wormhole now above Central City, the show will possibly start experimenting with alternate timelines, and this could include Caitlyn Snow’s second self. This would also line up with Gustin’s promise that the villain would appear early on in the season.

Meanwhile, Vandal Savage is also on the list for a potential villain. With Savage set to appear in the new series, Legends of Tomorrow, he will need to be introduced at some point in The Flash. Further, there has already been some crossover with characters on Legends, so it’s entirely possible that Savage might make an appearance early on The Flash before moving back to Legends.

Lastly, Savitar might be the villain Gustin is referring to. Although he is relatively unknown, he has powers similar to Flash and would certainly be a formidable enemy. In fact, to go along with his superhuman speed, Savitar also has the ability to heal himself and use a force field, which Flash can’t do. However, since he isn’t well known, Savitar being the “big bad” this season is still a huge question mark.

Season 2 of The Flash will air this fall on the CW.

[Photo Courtesy: Albert L. Ortega / Getty Image]