‘Creed’ Trailer Shows A Muscular Michael B. Jordan, And Rocky Returns To The Ring [Video]

For months, we’ve been hearing about the spin-off Rocky film, Creed, and now we have a first look at the trailer starring Michael B. Jordan. In the film, Jordan stars as Apollo Creed’s son, who, just like his father, is ready to enter the ring.

Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler is teaming up with Michael B. Jordan for the second time. The only difference is that we’re guessing this is a much bigger budget than the critically-acclaimed Fruitvale Station.

In the film, Michael B. Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, an aspiring boxer who moves to Philadelphia and gets Rocky involved in helping him become a better boxer. Not only does the trailer frame this as an excellent coming of age story, but it also shows that this spin-off might utilize the beloved character of Rocky in the best way possible. It’s said that this movie might spin off its own franchise, and from the looks of it, it’s in top notch shape to do just that — especially given just how impressive Jordan was as a star when captured by Coogler’s lens prior to Creed.

In an interview with the Source, Jordan didn’t have much to say about Creed, but he did confirm that it was happening.

Creed‘s another one. … That’s definitely happening, for sure. Yeah I’m not going to let you guys down. I know that there’s a lot of Rocky fans out there and I’m one of them. So from one fan to another I’m gonna make sure we do a good job with this. Sly’s not gonna let anything happen to his baby.”

The film also stars Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, and professional boxer Anthony Bellew, and opens with a very Oscar-friendly date of November 25.

Fans are going nuts over the trailer.

@Variety @michaelb4jordan looks pretty dern good to me!!!!!!!

— RANDOM GIRL (@UniqueGirlnerd) July 1, 2015

@hiboombeH now that I’ve seen this picture I’ll definitely be watching it — songwe-tu (@ottimistaa) July 1, 2015

Creed isn’t the only boxing movie that’s opening this year. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Southpaw is also hitting theaters, but in July.

What do you think about the installment?

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