Giant UFO? Mysterious Fireball Spotted In The Skies Of Southeastern United States [Video]

As reports of UFO sightings become more frequent, it seems each day is punctuated by some type of strange object flying through the skies of some corner of the world. One of the most recent of these sightings include a fireball that was witnessed flying over numerous southeastern states on Monday.

Several people, who were eyewitnesses to the odd occurrence, described seeing a ball of fire with a bright tail trailing it.

“Honestly, I thought it was a plane on fire that was about to crash,” Stacey Alexander, a witness of the fireball in Rome, Georgia, told ABC News. “It looked like it just kept getting closer to the ground and was on its way to crashing when it disappeared.”

More than 150 reports were filed with witnesses from south Louisiana to the north side of West Virginia — with video and still footage being captured in Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Following the reports, a spokesperson from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said what was witnessed was no more than a meteor. While NASA officials disagreed, and stated that the fireball, which was captured by five of their meteor cameras in the southeastern region of the U.S., was likely “caused by space junk from a SL-6 rocket that was launched a decade ago.”

According to the agency, space “debris” can move at a speed of around 23,000 km/h, and the object moved at too much of a slow pace to be a meteor.

“Based on what we know, this object was not a meteor,” NASA affirmed.

Some conspiracy theorists on the other hand, believe the fireball was neither a meteor nor space debris, but a UFO – which the space agency is trying to cover it up, just as they’d tried to do when they’d cut the live feed of the International Space Station after a strange bright object was spotted leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.

It is believed that the UFO was traversing from space to a possible remote base that is located somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.

“The news is trying to say this is space junk, but if it was NASA would know what it was and would have predicted its entry into our atmosphere by now,” UFO Sightings Daily notes. “This however was very slow and passing through our atmosphere as if traveling to some out of the way location… perhaps the ocean, where it’s base is located.”

Adding, “Space junk burns up fast, this object moves slowly and continued to be seen over four states, maybe more! So no… not space junk. It’s a UFO.”

Meteor, space junk, or UFO? Share what you think this mysterious fireball was that left so many people baffled.

[Image via Mirror]