Jimmy Fallon’s Children’s Book Is Actually Meant For Dads

Jimmy Fallon is always up to something new. Recently, the comedian released a children’s book titled Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada, which hopes to trick babies into speaking the words “dada” before they speak anything else.

The picture book, which is a total of forty pages long, is full of daddy animals trying to wheedle their kids into speaking the word “dada,” but as Jimmy Fallon knows from experience, there are more chances of failure than success.

“I tried to trick my daughter into saying `dada’ because I wanted it to be her first word. I would call everything `dada.’ I’d point to her bottle and go `dada,’ and I’d point to her food and say `dada.’ I really didn’t care if she was smart or anything. I just wanted her to say that for the history books.”

Unfortunately for Jimmy Fallon, however, all his efforts amounted to zilch. His two year-old daughter Winnie’s first words were (surprise, surprise!) “mama.” Now that Jimmy Fallon and his producer wife Nancy Juvonen have had their second daughter, the comedian is doing all he can to get his little one (Franny) to speak “dada” as her first word. He spoke to CBC News about it.

“It’s a secret mission that no one really discusses when you have a baby. What’s baby’s first word gonna be? These days the baby’s first word is normally iPad.”

R.L. Stine, the famous children’s book author, tweeted a photo of his grandson Dylan reading (and apparently enjoying!) Jimmy Fallon’s new book.

When one considers the fertility problems that Jimmy Fallon and Nancy underwent before they could have Winnie and Franny, it seems only apt that the comedian is making the most of his time with his two daughters. In an interview with National Public Radio, Jimmy Fallon spoke freely about the issues the couple were facing.

“It was a tough time and… it’s not easy. We didn’t know, you know, which one of us wasn’t clicking. I slept upside down at one point — I was like dangling from the ceiling. You know, like you drink teas. And my wife, gosh, she just put up with a lot of stuff. Luckily, [we] got involved with a surrogate and so she had our babies… She’s a blessing; it was the best thing that ever happened to us.”

Jimmy Fallon, in his typical form, also credited himself entirely for the book, which contains a whopping thirty-five words in total.

“It’s a tough read. Yeah, and it’s probably one word on each page. But this is how you know that this is really written by me!”

Jimmy Fallon might one day write book for adults, too, but until then, little ones from all over the world (and their dads) can turn to his book for some fatherly camaraderie.

[Photo: YouTube]