Britney Spears: How To Get And Maintain Healthy Blond Locks Like Hers

Aside from the fake feud with Iggy Azalea of late, as Entertainment Weekly notes, and a recent break up with her now-ex-boyfriend, Britney Spears has got a lot of great things going on. She looks happier than she has in years, has new music that is up for grabs, and continues to look great by keeping herself toned and well put together.

The songstress, who has done her share of beauty overhauls including changing up her hair color, has remained predominantly blond throughout her pop princess career. After so many years of making appearances with shimmering and healthy looking tresses, how is it possible Spears consistently gets such a perfect shade of blond?

Bustle helps outline a few tips to achieving a flowing mane that is as gorgeous as Brit’s. Reliable celebrity stylist of Angelo David Salon Meaghan Frayne offers up the first imperative step to get to Spears success.

“Saving photos to a hair file on your phone or pinning pictures of celebs to show your colorist the blonde you love can help speak (and show!) volumes about what shade of blonde is comfortable for you. Always look for images of women whose eye color and skin tone is close to yours.”

In addition to knowing the color you truly desire for yourself, Frayne also shares that it’s important to truly know your skin color so that the dye color will complement and not wash you out. As the publication indicates, “using your natural base color is important too, as your natural shade of color will definitely impact the whole bleaching process.” If there is already a medium blond to light blond base, then according to Frayne, achieving Britney’s warm honey-blond hair hue is simple “with a high lift single process color.”

Once a color is selected, all stylists suggest having the dye professionally applied, especially if going blonde is a new process, because it can be quite tricky to achieve a natural-looking color and highlight. The process can take hours and if the intention is to keep up with the coloring, then visits every 6 weeks for the same lengthy process are a necessity.

In addition, after coloring repeatedly, hair generally becomes dry and brittle. Individuals often believe that moisture is all that is needed. However, Frayne points out that giving hair a protein boost is a must to keep heavily bleached hair at its best.

“Blonde hair may feel dry and brittle, which leads most clients to use products that focus only on moisture. However, what’s really happening beneath the surface is that the delicate, all-important protein structure of the hair has been broken down in order to make it blonde.”

See your hair care professional for the recommended regimen to keep your blonde tresses looking spectacular. Pureology Strength Cure is a good option to get the needed protein into stressed out and depleted, colored hair. Don’t abandon the health of your hair for the blonde, however. Not every hair type is meant to be Britney-Spears-blond. Frayne suggests thorough cleansing to keep the blonde looking its best.

“Unless you want a dull, dingy, chicken-fat yellow shade of blonde, you have to deep clean your hair weekly, at minimum. Once a week, shampoo twice with your clarifying shampoo of choice, leaving the second shampoo on for five to ten minutes to help really lift off the gunk. Then, rinse well, towel dry (I like to bring a hand towel into the shower) and apply a deep-conditioning mask with a balance of protein and moisture.”

Happy and healthy hair is key.

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