Pet Airways Crashes Before It Ever Takes Off

An odd airline designed to transport only animals seems to be off to a rough start. Pet Airways, set to launch from the U.S. in May, has already bitten the dust on the Web. Its site has been down all day.

Pet Airways

Pet Airways

The idea behind Pet Airways is to give animals a satisfying flying experience across America. The airline will take pets from coast to coast, seating them in the main cabin and "catering" to all of their needs.

"With Pet Airways your pet will be safe and comfortable, flying in the main cabin, not in cargo," the service assures. "From check-in at our Pet Lounge, and throughout the flight, our Pet Attendants will be caring and catering to all your pet's needs. You can even monitor how your pet is doing."

Wow. All that for only $150 a flight, to start. Pet Airways won't transport people, either -- only pets will be allowed on its planes.

Pet Airways' flights will go from Los Angeles to the East Coast. It'll also have stopovers in Denver and Chicago.