Ricki Lake Discusses Post-Wedding Bliss

Ricki Lake‘s wedding was a deeply secretive affair, but the former talk show host sure likes to talk about it now.

The 43-year-old, who married 40-year-old Christian Evans in southern California on April 8, appeared on Tuesday’s Good Morning America to share her unconfined joy. Lake described how besotted she feels, exclaiming:

“It was a week ago and I am so, so happy to be with him. Better late than never.”

To the amazement of nobody, Lake said she had struggled to keep quiet about her big day, admitting:

“I have the biggest mouth. I’m someone who shares everything. I wear everything on my sleeve.”

However, it seems the former Dancing With the Stars contestant managed it: the only guests present at their Southern Californian beach wedding were the couple’s two dogs. “I wanted it to be for us,” she said.

Indeed, even Lake’s two sons, from her previous marriage to Rob Sussman, didn’t appear at the ceremony.

As is typical nowadays, Lake and Evans announced their engagement on Twitter, though Lake said she wasn’t in a hurry to get married. During her run on Dancing With The Stars, she announced her wedding dress shopping was on hold as she fell several dress sizes. The newly married couple, who started dating summer 2009, live at Lake’s Malibu home.

Previously, Lake has discussed how her failed marriage to Sussman, which collapsed in 2003, left her wondering if marriage would ever be right again for her. Apparently, it is. And we’re going to hear all about it.