WWE Might Get ESPN Coverage For An Even Bigger SummerSlam

Colin Fredericson

WWE might see even bigger coverage for SummerSlam if a former WWE announcer gets his way. Jonathan Coachman currently works for ESPN, but he is petitioning to bring WWE and ESPN together. He is seeking the support of WWE fans to make things happen. But can he do it?

Coachman spent nine years with WWE. He started behind the microphone and was mainly an announcer and commentator, but he eventually got in the ring to wrestle. He was there with The Rock and other huge WWE stars. He worked in the WWE from 1999 until 2008, where he was known as "The Coach." You could often catch him in hilarious scenes of humiliation courtesy of The Rock. Now he hosts the hugely popular ESPN SportsCenter.

— Jonathan Coachman (@TheCoachESPN) July 1, 2015

"ESPN has already proven they will give pro wrestling a great deal of coverage if the event is considered a major pop culture happening, as this year's WrestleMania PPV saw more airtime on the network than ever before."

— Jonathan Coachman (@TheCoachESPN) July 1, 2015

"Every time I sit on set on all the big shows I know, whether it's on the 11 p.m. SportsCenter or the Sunday NFL show, everything I do, I find myself mentally referring back to the things I learned working with Vince McMahon and everybody in the WWE. People do not understand how difficult it is to entertain, act and make people believe, when most people don't want to believe it is true."

SummerSlam is scheduled for August 23 in Brooklyn, New York. If Coachman gets his way, this could be the beginning of much larger things for WWE.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]