‘Bachelorette’ Shawn Booth Jokes About His Neediness And Insecurity Of Sharing Kaitlyn Bristowe

Shawn Booth is quite aware of the perception that many The Bachelorette viewers have of him, especially after Monday night’s episode. On Tuesday, Shawn joked about his apparent neediness and insecurity.

Shawn tweeted that he’s needy, and couldn’t stand the thought of sharing Kaitlyn Bristowe with fellow contestant Ben Higgins. Shawn accompanied his tweet with a photo of himself sitting on Ben’s lap while on the Ireland trip.


Last week’s episode showed Shawn Booth questioning over whether he wanted to stay in the competition because he couldn’t stand to see Kaitlyn Bristowe with the other men. On Monday night’s episode, Shawn’s feelings only intensified. He admitted that seeing Jared Haibon get the rose on last week’s group date took him to his “breaking point.” “This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever gone through and a lot harder than I ever imagined it could be,” he said.

He then went to Kaitlyn’s room prior to the rose ceremony to get some reassurance. He wanted to confront her about telling him, when the cameras weren’t there, that he’s likely the one for her when they were in San Antonio. When Kaitlyn heard that Shawn was coming to see her, she broke out in tears because she thought that Shawn had found out that she had sex with Nick Viall. Kaitlyn’s fears were unfounded, and she was able to reassure Shawn to the point that he promised to “work at being better at this whole thing.”

Yet, Shawn’s need for reassurance left Kaitlyn unsure about him.

“I’ve been so reassuring and I haven’t been like that to other people and all the other guys are being so positive. … The one person I’m sitting here reassuring is sitting here thinking, ‘I don’t think I can do it’…There are still things he doesn’t know, and I don’t want to make anything harder on him, and I don’t want to hurt him, but, at the same time, obviously there are other relationships that are still on my mind.”

She later said that she regretted giving Shawn so much reassurance.

“I shouldn’t do that. … I feel like I’m falling in love with other guys, too.”

While Kaitlyn’s feelings for Shawn seemed to diminish somewhat, it was still strong enough for her to keep him around for another week. After sending home JJ Lane, Ben Zorn, Tanner Tolbert, and Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg, the only men left standing were Ben Higgins, Jared Haibon, Joe Bailey, Nick Viall, and Shawn.

There was one man whose emotions seemed to eclipse even those of Shawn Booth’s. Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg sobbed on the ground after he was denied a rose, left on the edge of a cliff while Kaitlyn rode off in the helicopter. Like Shawn, Chris is now finding the humor in how he was portrayed. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chris, as he watched the episode, made fun of how much he cried.

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