Jason Segel Breaks Silence: “Happy” To Be Dating Michelle Williams

Jason Segel has finally broken the silence on his relationship with Oscar nominated actress Michelle Williams. Segel, 32, sat down with Extra to promote his new film The Five Year Engagement with Emily Blunt. However, the first question out the gate was about his love life with Williams, 31.

Segel replied coyly and tried his best to conceal his beaming smile as he simply stated, “I think we would just very much like to be happy. That’s all I’m going to say about it.” Blunt reacted by cooing over Segel’s romantic proclamation and jokingly said that Jason Segel is a “man-boy” as opposed to the familiar frat boy image most of Segel’s characters exude.

The actor wasn’t shy about joking around, stating, “I think I might even be becoming a man-man… potentially!” However, there’s truth in the pudding, as Us Weekly reported in their cover story about the couple. A close friend of Segel’s has said that he has already proven his “commitment” to Michelle, also going on to say that, “He is taking care of himself more, exercising, eating right and dressing better. Basically, not acting like a frat boy anymore.”

In the initial report about Jason Segel and Michelle Williams’ romance it was said that the two were surprisingly “very serious” and that the romance happened “overnight” after the two were hooked up by mutual friend Busy Phillipps. The sincerity of Jason’s love for Michelle was further put on display as Segel was caught with the actresses’ image on his iPhone case with “I heart you” doodles next to the first picture of the actress, who was seen beaming in the first of the three sticker photos.

Do you think this romance can go the distance? Weigh in here!

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