Walmart Open 4th Of July 2015? What’s Open, What’s Closed, And Where To Buy Cheap Fireworks

Is Walmart open on the Fourth of July, and what other retails stores are open on Independence Day? If you’re in search of fireworks, barbecue supplies, or a star spangled t-shirt, you’re in luck. Many retailers will be open on Saturday, July 4, but it’s important to plan ahead — some stores will only be open limited holiday hours.

While many stores and restaurants will be open on the 4th of July, if you need to get to the bank or post office, you will have to wait until Monday. Independence Day is one of 10 federal holidays in the U.S., with no mail delivery or counter services at all U.S. Post Office locations, and most banks give their employees a day off and will be closed on Saturday.

What’s open, and what’s closed on July 4, and where can you get the best deal on consumer fireworks? Here’s the scoop on where you can spend your hard-earned money during the holiday weekend.

All Walmart stores will be open on Saturday — and the majority of the retailer’s Supercenters are open 24 hours a day — so you can stop by the store at anytime to grab a holiday-themed t-shirt, hot dogs, hamburgers, and decorations for your 4th of July party. CNBC reports that there are a total of 3,275 Supercenters in the United States, so it won’t be difficult to find a nearby store.

Many Walmart stores sell consumer fireworks, but if your local store doesn’t stock them, there are numerous fireworks retailers setting up tents and roadside stands ahead of the holiday weekend. Find coupons valid at popular consumer fireworks stores here, including Phantom Fireworks, TNT, and Fireworks Supermarket.

If you are serving a crowd on Independence Day, you may want to try a warehouse-style retailer to buy your grub in bulk. However, if a trip to Costco is on your to-do list, do your shopping prior to the holiday, or head to a BJ’s to do your shopping. According to Saving Advice, all Costco stores will be closed on July 4.

Other big box stores, including Target, Home Depot, KMart, and Sears will be open for business on Saturday. Grocery stores will also be open, including Publix, Winn-Dixie, Stop & Shop, and most Kroger stores. Hours vary by location, so it’s best to call ahead to be sure.

If you’re not going to, or hosting, a Fourth of July cookout, many chain restaurants will be open on the holiday, including Olive Garden, TFI Fridays, Cracker Barrel, Applebee’s, TGI Fridays, and Cracker Barrel.

[Image: Tim Boyle/Getty Images]