Whitney Bischoff Reveals Her Biggest Addiction: ‘I Always Find A Way’

Whitney Bischoff has been staying mostly out of the spotlight since announcing that she would be splitting with Chris Soules just months after The Bachelor wrapped. Many people thought that Bischoff and Soules were a great match, so it was shocking that Whitney was leaving the farm in Iowa after just a few months.

Since then, Whitney Bischoff has been living in Chicago and hanging out with her girlfriends. She isn’t looking to date at the moment, but it is possible that Whitney is trying to figure out her next move and mending her broken heart.

According to a new tweet, Whitney Bischoff is now revealing more information about herself as she is trying to move on. Bischoff shared some fun information, including one of her biggest candy addictions.

“I always find a way to the mike&Ike’s. Even if I had a pep talk this morning about healthy eating… I’ll start tmrw,” Whitney Bischoff reveals about her biggest addiction, as she was at the store to get some candy.

And of course, this was one of Bischoff’s first tweets in a while since hanging out with Kaitlyn Bristowe a couple of weeks ago. Fans of hers are wondering how she is doing since she has been keeping a low profile, and they are also wondering whether she is being considered for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. And it sounds like Bischoff is moving on emotionally.

“Hi whitney! How are you doing since the show? miss your pretty face on my tv! tweet,” one follower wrote to her, which had Whitney replying, “hi Anna! I’m doing well! Thanks for asking. Hope you’re doing great :).”

Chris Soules is being accused of using his stint on Dancing with the Stars to stay relevant, as he has been hanging out with Witney Carson more lately. But Whitney Bischoff isn’t using The Bachelor to stay relevant. Instead, she is keeping to herself, and she is moving on from her failed engagement. According to the Inquisitr, Whitney recently turned 30-years-old. She may have had a plan for when she turned 30, but these days, she is single after a failed engagement.

It will be interesting to see if Whitney will be chosen as the next The Bachelorette. Many felt that she was cheated out of an opportunity to find love, so producers may be giving her a second chance.

What do you think of Whitney Bischoff’s biggest addiction?

[Image via Instagram]