Heavenly Joy: Adorable 5-Year-Old Charms And Steals The Show In Epic ‘Frozen’ Performance On ‘AGT’

If there was ever a more fitting name, Heavenly Joy’s got it. The adorable 5-year-old stole the hearts of the judges and the audience during her audition on America’s Got Talent on Tuesday night when she performed a too-cute rendition of Frozen‘s “In Summer.”

As her name suggests, the pint-sized kindergartner’s song and tap routine was an absolute joy to watch, and she received a well-deserved standing ovation from her captivated audience.

The judges were also giddy about Heavenly Joy’s impressive singing and tapping chops – and, of course, her adorableness.

“Kid you are going places. You were like Shirley Temple,” Howard declared.

“You did such a fantastic job. You are so cute singing and dancing. I think America’s gonna fall in love with you,” said Heidi.

“They are already in love [with] her,” Howie added. “You are heavenly!”

And if Heavenly Joy’s charismatic flair wasn’t enough for you to ooze love, then how about the fact that she wants to give her winnings to people who are less fortunate.

“I wanna give them to all over the world cuz some people don’t have any clothes — I’ll give some clothes to them,” Heavenly avowed after Howard asked what she’d do with her million dollar prize.

Check out her AGT audition above, and see why she’s rightfully called Heavenly Joy.

[Image via NBC / America’s Got Talent]