Brantley Gilbert Married: ‘Bottoms Up’ Country Singer Gets Married To ‘More Than Miles’ Muse Amber Cochran [Video]

Brantley Gilbert has married his muse. Long-time girlfriend Amber Cochran is now the happy wife of the country crooner after their marriage at his home in Georgia, reported E! News.

As for the “muse” aspect of Brantley’s new wife? Gilbert married the woman who motivated some of his biggest hits, such as “More Than Miles” and “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do.”

But they almost missed the mile in making their relationship forever.

“I met her 10 years ago. I met her in church, and long story short, we were on and off for five years, mostly on,” admitted the country music star.

What went wrong? Brantley wasn’t always making the wisest decisions. And Gilbert shared that when they broke up, he never imagined that the downward spiral could someday end in getting married.

“Losing her, it was a straight downhill jolt at first,” he said bluntly.

But after hitting rock bottom, Brantley found the way back up the mountain of love. And now that the “one that got away” is home to stay, Gilbert is joyful about having achieved his dreams of wedded bliss.

“She’s the one that got away for five years, and they always say if you love something you’ve got to let it go, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll come back. It’s so cliché, but now it happened to me. So I’m a believer.”

Neither bride nor groom had any desire for a huge, extravagant wedding.

“The only reason it’s got any size to it is we’re both from small towns that the only thing that divides the towns is a river. It’s all people we’ve known most of our lives,” said Brantley.

And when it came to the vows, Gilbert kept them simple, just like his marriage.

“I just want to speak from the heart. She’s been in my soul since the day I met her… she has and will continue to inspire song after song in my life.”

A schoolteacher from Brantley’s hometown, Amber has inspired most of Gilbert’s songs, reported Taste Of Country.

“You’ll hear her in most of my songs,” said the country singer. “I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. I’m a blessed man to have her back in my life and can’t wait to make her my wife.”

No word yet on whether country babies are in Brantley’s and Amber’s future plans. But Gilbert, now that they’re married, they may want to take hints on balancing parenthood and country crooning from Carrie Underwood. As the Inquisitr reported, she’s already gotten back into the swing with working on her music and live TV performances.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images for Big Machine Label Group]