Iggy Azalea ‘Was Difficult’ During ‘Pretty Girls’ Shoot: ‘Everyone Just Got Fed Up” [Video]

Although Iggy Azalea blames Britney for their “Pretty Girls” flop, sources say Iggy herself might be to blame. According to Us Weekly, sources say Azalea “was difficult” during the shoot, taking over the set and directing the single’s artwork, even though Iggy was just featured on the song.

Iggy was difficult with respect to direction of [the] video. ­Everyone just got fed up and didn’t want to deal with it. Britney, being a veteran artist, was tired of arguing,” a source close to the project told Us Weekly.

A second source close to the “Pretty Girls” team told the magazine: ” ‘Pretty Girls’ was Britney’s song and video but Iggy totally took it over as if it was hers. Iggy ordered everyone — including Britney — around as if she was directing the video.” According to a source, however, although the song appears on Britney’s album, “Spears decided to do the track after Azalea’s team introduced her to it.”

Iggy also was difficult about the single’s artwork. Although it was “mutually agreed upon,” Azalea preferred her designs, telling RCA to re-release the single with her choice to show the song was a collaboration. Azalea reportedly shot down Spears’ suggestions, although it’s murky who decided on the artwork.

Azalea even told Spears what to wear to the Billboard Music awards, and was difficult about Brit’s choices. One source said “Britney is such a fan that she listened to everything Iggy said.”

Iggy famously blames Spears’ team for the single’s lackluster performance, and in a Twitter Q&A, the rapper didn’t hide her difficult nature, telling a fan the following.

“@rhuancesarr its difficult to send a song up the charts without additional promo and tv performances etc. unfortunately im just featured,” adding “i would have enjoyed performing it alot, i think it got off to a powerful start. but you need content to compete in 2015,” according to E! News.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, though, Iggy is now backpedaling on her statement, claiming she doesn’t have a difficult relationship with Spears. The rapper tweeted “I am honestly not surprised but still really saddened that the media is trying to create a ‘beef’ between @britneyspears and myself.”

Iggy Azalea followed up that tweet with “We remain friends and i haven’t said anything negative at all about her. Does wishing we had promoted a single more make me the bad guy?,” blaming the media for how difficult it is for women in music. “I feel like the media wants women in music to get out and mud wrestle each other. As a woman i take great offense,” the rapper chastened.

[Image credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images]