‘Suits’ Season 5: Creator Aaron Korsh Talks Harvey’s New Secretary ‘She’s The Opposite Of Donna’

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

With Season 5 of Suits well underway, fans have already been introduced to some new characters, including Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) psychiatrist, Dr. Paula Agard (Christina Cole). While Dr. Agardwas featured in the opening episode and will play a large role this season, there are a few more new characters that are set to appear in the coming episode, “Compensation.”

“Compensation” will feature Harvey’s new secretary, along with Louis’ (Rick Hoffman) new friend and ally this season. In regards to Harvey’s secretary, creator Aaron Korsh recently sat down with TV Guide and discussed the new secretary situation in the new season and how Harvey is trying to move forward now that Donna is gone.

“Her name is Gretchen. She’s great. I think she’s unexpected… I think she’s the opposite of Donna. I’m gonna take that back. She’s not the opposite of Donna, but he’s hiring her in reaction to losing Donna. He doesn’t want another Donna; he doesn’t want that situation again. We get to know Gretchen over time.”

Meanwhile, the new season is also set to introduce Jack Soloff, a recurring role played by John Pyper-Ferguson. In regards to Soloff, who is primed to be one of Harvey’s main enemies this season, Korsh stated “He’s a big part of the season.”

Korsh went on to tell Yahoo News that Soloff will be making plans to go after Harvey this season. “He’s basically a partner who’s existed within the firm, though we have not met him, and he gets a sort of new position as head of the Compensation Committee, and uses that to get new power within the firm and sort of come after Harvey.”

Korsh also revealed to Just Jared that Soloff’s initial beef with Harvey will center on money and how he handles the business side of things. “He comes from the 38th floor, the accounting floor, and he starts coming in and talking about billable hours and how Harvey gets more money than the rest of the people,” Korsh stated. “So there is this money issue that’s going to go on for quite a few episodes.”

Elsewhere, the coming episode will also feature a guest star appearance by Charles Barkley. The former NBA All Star is set to play himself in the episode, as he enlists Harvey’s help to get him out of some trouble.

The next episode of Suits is set air Wednesday night on USA.