8-Months Pregnant Mom, 6-Year-Old Daughter’s Epic Dance Routine, Video Goes Viral

When 8-months pregnant mom Nikki Taylor and her 6-year-old daughter decided to put their dance routine on a video, they never imagined it would go viral.

However, that’s exactly what has happened with this epic clip. Taylor and her cheeky daughter have stolen hearts all over the Internet, and it is not slowing down.

Despite being all of 8-months pregnant, Nikki obviously hasn’t let that bother her one bit, and is full of energy and enthusiasm, much like her daughter, Jaylyn. This little girl has some moves, and is totally adorable while introducing her pregnant mom’s dance routine.

Jaylyn tells those watching the video her pregnant mom is “gonna rock it!” and pleads with the audience, “but don’t laugh at her.” Nikki says, “cause I’m pregnant, really pregnant.”

This pregnant mom is not afraid to show her daughter and the rest of her friends (and now the entire world) that just because she has a big belly, it’s not going to stop her from enjoying some mommy-daughter time. Now, the adorable video has been viewed more than 18 million times, and the pair are an Internet sensation.

Nikki tells BuzzFeed — the popular site for viral videos — that she only intended to make a video for her fiancé, Blaine, to surprise him after he came home from work. The pregnant mom never imagined that their routine would go viral.

She posted it for friends and family to watch on Facebook, and the rest is history. Ever since the clip hit social media, Nikki comments she has been flooded with friend requests and comments from people, and she can’t keep up.

“I really can’t handle it. I’ve gotten 700+ friend request and climbing, my inbox and ‘other’ inbox is flooded by the minute. My laptop can’t even keep up. For once in my life Facebook is drowning me LOL.

I feel so bad because I want to sit down and reply to everyone individually, but I can’t even keep up with it.”

All the major news sites have picked up the adorable video of the happy-go-lucky little girl and her very pregnant mom dancing away. Many are saying Jaylyn has some serious talent, and people may see her dancing on TV in the future.

Watch the epic pregnant mommy/daughter dance routine video.

[Image via Facebook]